American Ski Holidays For Singles–Single skiers in America

Skiing options are ever increasing. At one time only the minority of very wealthy British families went skiing in Switzerland. Then the opportunity opened up across Europe for many more of us  on package tours and even school trips offered a taste to children. Then it became possible to ski North America even as a solo skier!

Now we all want to try the amazing powder conditions and the wide open uncrowded pistes with no lift queues.

Skiing is a group activity but coordinating your friends  into a ski group is far from easy by the time you have taken account of all their personal factors like dates, cost,resort preferences,ski ability etc

Multiply those factors if you are thinking about skiing America when the choices explode!

That’s why skiing with Singlesport makes sense. We work with specialist agents to organise our American holiday  in order to give you all the choices a package tour never does.

Compare the cost of  ten nights in America  with what you might spend for seven nights in a European resort and you will see very good value for money.

We try to add  “options” on travel and dates for those who don’t find the basic package a perfect fit.

Fly from your local airport to make it easier in the UK.

Take the package without the flight and book your own perhaps using your air miles.

Start or finish the holiday a few days earlier or later

Take a flight via your relatives somewhere across the pond. (or combine it with a business trip)

Combine this trip with another ski resort before or after this one.

What other single ski holiday could possibly offer you so many options?


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