Beach club Holidays For Singles

Solo skiers and snowboarders need a summer holiday too and most of them will want it to be an active one. That’s why SingleSport offers holidays at beach clubs in the Mediterranean.

The key to solo holidays is to provide good like-minded company when you want it and peace and quiet when you don’t. It’s your holiday and SingleSport understands that we are all different and solo travellers need to have choice.

By having a large group there’s always someone who wants to chat or join you for a game of tennis or some sailing but you never feel obliged to do anything you don’t want to, the way that can sometimes happen with smaller groups where the majority rules!

Many skiers are keen on several different summer sports and so a beach club holiday is perfect for them because they can choose to take part in as many as they wish. This is a tennis holiday, a sailing holiday, a fitness holiday, a cycling holiday  and a water sports holiday for solos all rolled into one! Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are proving popular too, along with classes in yoga, Pilates, boxercise and lots more.

If you are keen on one of the sports you may decide to spend most of your time that way but if you are ready to try something new this is your opportunity. The lessons are all usually free and so you can try anything you like without any obligation to continue with it if it’s not your cup of tea.

Over the years some guests have gone home ready to seek out their local wake boarding  or sailing  or water skiing or tennis or windsurfing club to take more lessons at home. Many more just resolve to get on their bike more often having tried it on holiday for the first time in years.

All the activities are offered at beginner level to introduce you to the basics but there will also be classes for experts and competition for keen sailors or tennis players as well.

Many of us have good intentions of being active but the deck chairs on the beach can prove too tempting and since the beach clubs are such good value for money you can allow yourself to be as lazy as you like without feeling that you should be active all the time. Well someone has to look after the beach bags don’t they!





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