Being a single skier is a tricky business!

When you ski with family or friends there are lots of factors to consider when choosing your ski holiday. Will there be snow? How much will it cost? Shall we choose all inclusive or a self catering holiday ? What’s the night life like etc etc

But when you are travelling alone it’s much more complex. As well as all the considerations that everyone has to make you have 2 more very important questions that will make or break your holiday

1.   Will I find people I want to ski with?
2    Will I find people I want to socialise with?

That’s why Singlesport always try to put together large groups so no matter what your ability there are likely to be other people wanting to ski just the way you do. And after skiing there will be more people who want to join you for après your way, whether that’s in the bar or over tea and cakes.
Ideally we try to find half board with wine to make it easy to pour for your friends without worrying about whose turn it is to pay!

We offer a personal service before you book so you can ask all about other guests already booked on a particular holiday to make sure you will fit in. Singlesport makes single travellers welcome!

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