Ski insurance is a minefield!

As soon as you book any holiday you should take out travel insurance if you don’t already have an annual policy because as soon as you part with any money you need to be covered for cancellation.
If you are travelling outside Europe your policy must be worldwide.
Many people have travel insurance from their bank in which case they may need to add winter sports as an extra. Some house insurance policies also have cover whilst travelling particularly for losses and theft.
Most winter sports policies only offer cover if you are on piste or off with a qualified guide and so you must decide if you want off piste insurance cover when you are not with a qualified guide.
If you enjoy other sports whilst you are on holiday which might be considered dangerous such as lacrosse or even bike riding check  that those activities are covered too
Annual insurance is usually cost effective for anyone travelling abroad more than once a year
Your skis or snowboard  are your responsibility and must be covered whether you own them or hire them. Some hire shops will offer insurance as an extra so you need to know if you have cover because there’s no point in paying twice.
If you ski several times a year you need to check how many times you are permitted to ski within one year and for what duration?
The insurer  will also want you to declare any pre existing condition and sometimes exclude older skiers
In Europe you must have the free EHIC card available online because some insurers won’t pay out if they feel you could have got the treatment free of charge had you used the card.
If you arrive in resort without being sure of all this some resorts offer you an additional insurance that you can add on when buying your lift pass. This usually only costs a few euros a day and can give you extensive cover for example
Carry a copy of your insurance with you on the slopes and then after all this careful preparation you hope you won’t need it

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