Holiday companies can no longer provide guiding in France

Many British chalet companies used to offer guiding to their guests in France. This was ideal for single travellers and others who wanted a social group organised for them. The best companies trained their staff and offered as many as 3 guided groups every day allowing guests to choose whether they joined a fast group or a more leisurely one. Unfortunately many did not and some inexperienced chalet staff would simply herd their guests out onto the mountain and guide them without any idea what ability they might be.
It would be good if they would create a guiding license which would enable the French ski school to offer a course to chalet company guides and examine them before issuing them with a guiding license. That way the French ski schools would have some income and the holiday makers could still enjoy being guided. unfortunately there is no sign of this happening.
Singlesport’s answer to this is to offer 2 guided holidays in Italy with fully qualified instructors from Alpine Italy as our guides. This really is the best of both worlds because we get the very best out of every days skiing, find the best restaurants and those who wish can learn something as they go along if they wish to ask the instructors for tips without having to do formal drills, all safe in the knowledge that they know the way home and the time of the last lifts!  Win win!


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