Why carry skis on the aircraft?

Over the years the airlines have changed their policies on ski carriage so that its often cheaper to hire top of the range skis than to carry your own old ones once you have factored in the servicing costs
Years ago many airlines carried ski equipment free of charge by which they meant skis and boots in 2 bags in addition to your suitcase. Now only Swiss offer this on their Geneva routes and occasionally Jet2 or Monarch will introduce it as a special offer for a limited time.
Many airlines no longer sell “ski carriage” as such, they sell you an extra bag which has a specific maximum weight. Sometimes this weight is high enough to get 2 pairs of skis in and so Singlesport will try to help on our holidays by introducing 2 guests on the same flight with skis. On charter flights they may still offer ski carriage but they usually mean one pair and will not compensate you if 2 pairs should get lost. It’s often hard to find out what weight charter ski bags can be until you get to check in and they charge you if you have tried putting 2 pairs in one bag!
If airlines such as BA and Easyjet continue to allow generous hand luggage you can still carry your skis for free by counting your ski bag as your first piece of luggage. You need to pack your skis and then add as much gear as you can including all your liquids. Then you pack your ski boots and lots more kit in your hand luggage making sure it’s exactly the right size.
It really all boils down to how much you love your skis and what effort or cost you are prepared to go to?
Singlesport always tries to find good ski hire deals and particularly in Courchevel and Kaprun the cost for good skis is always very reasonable

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