Get the best ski instruction

As with all sports starting with the best instruction to lay strong building blocks is essential. It’s tempting if you are trying to save cash to think you can just follow your mates and try to copy them.
>> In the UK we have many good indoor slopes and starting there will give you your first taste of having planks on your feet and wearing ski boots which might save precious holiday time enabling you to start in class 2 instead of 1.
>> Get as much instruction as you can afford in resort  because good habits created early will serve you well. If your body is correctly aligned on skis you will be in better control and put far less strain on your muscles when they struggle to save you from your mistakes
Make sure your class will be taught in English both so that you can understand the detail but also so that you can enjoy a laugh with the other members of the class. It’s no fun if your friends ski off for the day and leave you in a 2 hour class with no company to enjoy afterwards
Singlesport goes to Courchevel twice a year where all our guests have 10 hours ski tuition on 5 days included in the holiday price. We completely take over the excellent British ski school skivo2. Their instructors are all BASI qualified  (British association of ski instructors) and the best I have experienced. They offer classes for complete beginners right through to experts and as everyone in the class is a Singlesport guest you will have good company to ski with afterwards


In  November Singlesport goes to Kaprun where we have lessons all day to start the season. These courses are suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers but not beginners

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