Train versus plane for skiers and boarders?

Most of my guests who use Eurostar never go back to flying by choice but the comparison needs to be made on several levels .
First it must be convenient to reach St Pancras in London or Ashford in Kent to start your journey.
second you need to be skiing near to either Moutiers or Bourg St Maurice to gain the advantage at the other end.
Time wise there’s not much in it because although the train takes longer by the time you factor in the longer check in procedure for flights and the time it takes to retrieve your luggage they often work out about the same.
If you struggle to keep within the airlines weight allowance the train wins but don’t forget you have to lift your luggage yourself , stow it on board and keep an eye on it too if there is a stop before yours, I have known people pick up the wrong bag both in France and on the way home!
Cost wise the train will seem a bit more expensive but not if you were thinking of carrying skis or if your airport parking in UK or transfer in France is more expensive. Sometimes you can get a discount by being a member of various groups. The night train is cheaper than the day train and gives you the opportunity to ski 7 or 8 days instead of 6 if you are staying 7 nights but personally I don’t fancy skiing on limited sleep on day one.
If you are going to try the train the tickets go on sale at the very end of July and they get gradually more expensive so booking early is the key!
Singlesport guests in Courchevel often choose the train to Moutiers and so have a cheaper half hour transfer instead of the longer more expensive one from any of the airports.

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